About Us


The Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) is a member organization of facilities engineers representing a cross-section of industry. Our members work in manufacturing, healthcare, education, government and other segments of business and academia. Our principal charter is to provide our members with educational opportunities, job placement assistance, networking and informational services that will enhance their career path as facility professionals.

Who We Are…

AFE provides education, certification, technical information and other relevant resources for plant and facility engineering, operations and maintenance professionals worldwide.

AFE can trace its earliest roots back to 1915 with a group of plant engineers who informally pooled their talents in Boston. In 1954, the group took the name AIPE or American Institute of Plant Engineers. Since 1956, AFE went international with the formation of a chapter in Montreal, Canada. In 1995, AFE members voted to change the organization’s name to the Association for Facilities Engineering, to better identify with the broader-based technical expertise of its members. Today, AFE is an international organization with active chapters throughout the United States and around the world. AFE’s members come from countries all over, including Europe, Egypt, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the list continues to grow.

NTAFE’s Mission:

To Enhance the Value and Expertise of Facility Professionals. To accomplish our mission we strive to share best practices, educate our members and enable networking with other professionals.